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History of paraffin wax

Paraffin wax which we known today are discovered in 1850. Since then paraffin wax become more popular as it was burning more cleanly and reliably, and paraffin wax was cheaper to manufacture than any other candle fuel.

The only disadvantage was low melting point of paraffin wax at the time however, this short coming of paraffin wax later eased by addition of additives such as stearic acid and technological advances in oil industry.

paraffin wax manufacturers enjoy a boom in 20th century as demand growth dramatically for paraffin wax. It is estimated the global consumption of paraffin wax be around 4.4 million tons annually.

Paraffin wax category
paraffin Waxes can be distinguished by their origin as follow:
• Natural Waxes
• Mineral Waxes
• Synthetic Waxes
• Petroleum Waxes

Paraffin wax driven from petroleum also can be distinguished by their degree of refining. Paraffin Wax with maximum half percent oil content that go through deodorization and/or hydrogenation process are called fully refined paraffin wax.

paraffin wax with oil content up to 2 or 3 percent oil content are named semi refined paraffin wax and paraffin wax with 3-5% oil content referred to as scale wax or scale paraffin wax.

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