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Oil Emulsion

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What Is Oil Emulsion


Oil Emulsion is applied in heat insulation production process (glass and mineral wool). It make the fiber hydrofobic, reduces dust formation in the process of formation and cutting of fiber glass floor-mats. Application of wax emulsion makes the plate surface smoother and softer which more than twofold increases the operating time of the grinding belt.


Palayesh Paraffin Khavaran OIL EMULSION is a dispersion of OIL particles in a continuous phase of water which provide a useful means of delivering OIL to a product.


At our production centre we have the flexibility to filter and add to the products to cater for customer requirements.

Oil emulsion can be supplied in bulk and/or brand new iron drums.

Quality Control

Khavaran Paraffin Co. guaranty’s the quality of paraffin wax. We welcome our customers to arrange of an international inspector/s such as SGS to check quality and quantity paraffin wax during the production and loading. Alternatively, we can arrange such a service upon request.


Metalworking fluids and other industrial lubricants are typically Oil Emulsions. Oil Emulsion allows metalworkers to make use of both the lubricating properties of oils and the cooling capabilities of water. Oil Emulsion is also used widely in agriculture industry. Small particle size (about 1-5 micron) contributes to better paraffinic OIL penetration into the PRODUCT and provides more efficient properties needed to achieve.

oil emulsion

Test method Result Test
ASTM D 4627 pass Iron Chip Corrosion Test5% in Deionized Water
ASTM D 4627 No cuff Emulsion Stability, 24 hours, 5% in Distilled Water
ASTM D 8060 None Emulsion Stability, 24 hours,
5% in hard Water (600 ppm), free oil
ASTM D 97 -16 Pour Point, C°
ASTM E-70 9.1 pH of %5 vol, in water
ASTM D-1298 0.865 Specific Gravity 15°C
0 to 45 °C -14 to 52 °C Storage temperature
ASTM D1662-08 0 Active Sulfur


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