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Residue Wax

Residue Wax


What is resiue wax


In Process of Paraffin Wax Production after De-Waxing/ De-Oiling Process, two streams comes out of this stage.One containing the wax and the other containing extracted oil which stored in separate storage tanks. At this point the wax is known as a “product wax” and the oil is called “foots oil”. The product wax is usually processed further and most of the Residue Wax and/or Foots Oil is sold as catalytic cracker feedstock.

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At  our  production  centre  we  have  the  flexibility to  filter  and  add  to  the  products  to  cater  for  customer  requirements.

Khavaran Paraffin offers Residue Wax (Foots Oil) in a variety of packaging formats. These include: bulk liquid (via tank truck or railcar), Bulk Packaging in Jumbo bags 600-1000 kg Brand New and/or Used Reconditioned Iron Drums is also available.

Quality Control

Khavaran Paraffin Co. guaranty’s the quality of Residue Wax (Foots Oil). We welcome our customers to arrange of an international inspector/s such as SGS to check quality and quantity at the time of production and loading. Alternatively, we can arrange such a service upon request.




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