As mentioned above, type of candle fuel in the construction of candles changed during the past 200 years. Today the most commercial candle fuel available worldwide is paraffin wax.

As the demand changes candle manufacturers forced to comply with the market forces in order to create stronger and high melting point candles. There are several commercial standards for candles. In the United States candles are required to have at least 60 percent paraffin wax.

Other additives such as stearic acid, carnauba wax can be mixed with paraffin wax to modify the softening and/or melting point of finished candle wax.

Other candle wax types such as Beeswax and Soy wax are used by candle manufacturers to make natural candles, but they are become more expensive compare to candles made from paraffin wax.

Wicks are needed to be made from high quality cotton or linen in order to candle burn in one direction