schematic of paraffin wax tests

• Melt Point of paraffin wax ASTM D87: Provides Information On Temperature At Which Most Of A Given paraffin wax Changes From A Solid To A Liquid.

Paraffin wax Congealing Point ASTM D938: Measures When A paraffin wax Ceases To Flow.
• Drop Melt Point of paraffin wax ASTM D127: Generally Used on Waxes That Don’t Show a Melting Plateau Such As Petrolatum and Microcrystalline Waxes.
Paraffin wax Needle Penetration ASTM D1321: Measures The Hardness Of Wax.
• Oil Content of paraffin wax ASTM D721: The Amount Of Oil In Wax. Indicates Degree Of Refining.
Paraffin wax Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D445: The Resistance to Flow of a Molten Wax at the Test Temperature.
• Color of paraffin wax ASTM D6045: Visual Comparison Of Wax Color (Molten) Against Glass Color Standards.