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When encountering shale during drilling operations, water in the drilling fluid may interact with the clay materials within the formation, causing the shale to swell.

This can lead to instability in the wellbore, and dispersion of shale into the drilling fluid (sloughing), eventually leading to hole washout.


At our production center we have the flexibility to filter and add to the products to cater for customer requirements.

AQUA-SHIELD forms a physical and chemical bond with permeable formations, creating an effective seal to prevent the passage of drilling fluid. By uniquely functioning as both a malleable and solid plugging agent, AQUA-SHIELD controls fluid loss and seepage, prevents lost circulation and protects reactive and low-reactive shale surfaces, even at elevated bottom hole temperatures.


HP/HT wells, shales and under pressured shales requires specialized drilling fluids and wellbore-strengthening techniques. Adding AQUA-SHIELD to WBM strengthens the well by:

  • Developing effective filter cake.
  • Providing a “smear effect” that creates a continuous protective sealant along the wellbore wall
  • Reduces torque, drag.
  • Stabilizes shales
  • Advantageous in extended-reach, deviated, and horizontal wells.
  • Specifically designed for use in freshwater, seawater, and brine applications
    Minimizes HSE risks


Khavaran Paraffin offers a full range of AQUA-SHEILD in a variety of packaging formats. These include: bulk liquid (via tank truck or railcar), and brand new or used drums.

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