Semi Refined Paraffin Wax

About Semi Refind Paraffin Wax

Semi-refined Paraffin Waxes are used in many branches of industry: in wood boards production (Particle Boards, MDF, OSB), rubber goods, matches, pencils, paper, candles, PVC, paint and other.

At our production centre we have the flexibility to filter and add to the products to cater for customer requirements.

Semi refined paraffin wax Quality Control

Khavaran Paraffin Co. guaranty’s the quality of paraffin wax. We welcome our customers to arrange of an international inspector/s such as SGS to check quality and quantity at the time of production and loading. Alternatively, we can arrange such a service upon request.


Khavaran Paraffin offers a full range of paraffin waxes in a variety of packaging formats. These include: bulk liquid (via tank truck or railcar), slabs (5 kg) in carton boxes/pp bags, free-flowing granules (packaged in bags). Bulk Packaging in Jumbo bags 600-1000 kg is also available.