Thermostat Waxes

Astorstat® is the world’s premier brand of distilled wax for thermal actuation and thermostatic control devices used in a variety of high-performance and precision applications. These include automobile, marine, and aerospace engines; and home heating and cooling systems. Astorstat® wax technology has also been expanded for use in cosmetics, toners for digital printing, and a host of other applications, which require very precise and narrow melting materials. Astorstat® waxes are recognized for their:

Astorstat® waxes are recognized for their:

  • High quality and consistency
  • Durability and longevity even under difficult operating conditions
  • Customized characteristics uniquely fabricated to meet the exacting requirements of each customer and their specific device design and application
  • Narrow melting range to deliver greater precision


Astorstat® – Customized High Performance Solutions

The beauty of Astorstat wax technology is its simplicity. The principle of capturing the work done as a substance expands is well-established. The ability to perform work repeatedly, at a specified temperature, without loss of performance is the novelty.

The most well known application of Astorstat waxes is the standard automotive thermostat installed in every vehicle’s cylinder block. Each thermostat contains a plug or pellet of wax, designed to melt at a particular temperature or over a specific temperature range. On melting, the volume expansion in the enclosed system works against and finally overcomes the spring loaded seal, effectively introducing coolant into the engine and regulating operating temperature. Astorstat distilled waxes have successfully passed thousands of expansion-cycles without suffering any critical property degradation.

With an increasing focus on environmentally-friendly performance, engines are being designed to operate at elevated temperatures to optimize efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Further attention is now being focused on very high temperature (>220°F) waxes and a line of Astorstat products operating up to 300°F. These materials find use in the manufacture of automatic valves, catalytic converters and in heat sinks for aerospace, rocketry, munitions and robotics.

The Astorstat product line also includes a comprehensive selection of waxes operating at low (80°F – 120°F) and mid-range (120°F – 160°F) temperatures which are designed for use as in ambient temperature control systems, automatic windows, roof vents and thermal protection devices. There are several new applications that utilize the narrow-melting/congealing temperature properties, chemical inertness and compatibility of Astorstat waxes with other materials. These uses include high-spec hot melt adhesives, toners, packaging applications and cosmetics.

Listed below are some of the products offered for thermostat wax applications. Keep in mind many applications will require more specialized versions. It is the flexibility and expertise in wax design coupled with application and production know-how which allows to custom manufacture products to your individual specifications. Please contact us  so we may review your application together to find the optimal product type.