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At our production centre we have the flexibility to filter and add to the products to cater for customer requirements.

Palayesh Paraffin Khavaran WAX EMULSION is a dispersion of solid wax particles in a continuous phase of water  which provide a useful means of delivering wax to a product.


Wax emulsions are used in the manufacture of paper, paperboard and boxboard.They are used in the production of insulating board, curing, hardboard and particleboard in the building products industry.They are used in woodworking industry to protect wood boards (Particle Board, MDF, OSB) from water.Wax emulsion has anti-dust effect which is important while boards are sawing up or grinding.

Application of wax emulsion makes the plate surface smoother and softer which more than twofold increases the operating time of the grinding belt.Small particle size (about 1-5 micron) contributes to better paraffin wax penetration into the PRODUCT and provides more efficient hydrophobization and other properties needed to achieve.


Khavaran Paraffin offers a full range of paraffin wax EMULSION in a variety of packaging formats. These include: bulk liquid (via tank truck or railcar), and brand new or used drums.

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