CY-Shield (Bitlube)
CY-Shield (Bitlube) | Khavaran Paraffin

Khavaran Paraffin offers a range of chemical products formulated to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) of drilling fluids, helping you minimize torque and drag, reduce stuck pipe risk, and increase ROP.

This Lubricant can be used in WBM. SBM and OBM drilling fluids system

  • Reduces torque, drag and differential sticking potential.
  • Does not foam, grease, or emulsify in high-pH silicate environments.
  • Compatibility with all type of drilling fluids systems (WBM, OBM, SBM).
  • Advantageous in extended-reach, deviated, and horizontal wells.
  • Lowering the filtercake thickness, reducing the COF of the filtercake, and minimizing the yield strength of the cake.
  • Minimizes bit balling.
  • Specifically designed for use in freshwater, seawater, and brine applications.

  • CY-Shield

    CY-SHIELD is all in one drilling fluid additive designed for companies who are active in drilling oil and gas wells. CY-SHIELD is designed to work in all type of muds such as Water Base Muds (WBM), Oil Base Mud (OBM) and Synthetic Base Mud (SBM). Therefore, it does not matter what would be the Mud type.

    Why CY-Shield

    CY-SHIELD is the only drilling fluid additive that provides all of these benefits:

    o Controls fluid loss and seepage
    o Stabilizes shales
    o Prevents lost circulation
    o Strengthens the wellbore to increase wellbore stability
    o Minimizes differential sticking
    o Promotes effective filter cake development
    o Performs in oil- and water-based drilling muds
    o Performs in HP/HT environments
    o Increase lubricity
    o Minimizes HSE risks
    CY-SHIELD prevents formation damage
    CY-SHIELD forms a physical and chemical bond with permeable formations, creating an effective seal to prevent the passage of drilling fluid. By uniquely functioning as both a malleable and solid plugging agent, CY-SHIELD controls fluid loss and seepage, prevents lost circulation and protects reactive and low-reactive shale surfaces, even at elevated bottom hole temperatures.
    HPHT Environment
    HP/HT wells, shales and under pressured zones requires specialized drilling fluids and wellbore-strengthening techniques. Adding CY-SHIELD to an OBM, SBM or WBM strengthens the well by:
    o Reducing pore pressure transmission and sealing micro-fractures in shale and low-porosity sands
    o Keeping interbedding formations intact
    o Developing effective filter cake
    o Providing a “smear effect” that creates a continuous protective sealant along the wellbore wall

    Test results conducted by the N.I.O.C and I.R.I.P are stated as below.

    Evaluation of CY-SHIELD Shale Retrieval According to API-131

    CY-Shield (Bitlube) | Khavaran Paraffin

    Evaluation of CY-SHIELD According to Pipe Lax Method

    CY-Shield (Bitlube) | Khavaran Paraffin

    Evaluation of CY-SHIELD HPHT Fluid Loss Control

    CY-Shield (Bitlube) | Khavaran Paraffin

    Evaluation of CY-SHIELD According to Lubricity Test

    CY-Shield (Bitlube) | Khavaran Paraffin

    CY-Shield MSDS

    CY-Shield (Bitlube) | Khavaran Paraffin

  • MSDS

  • Lab Result

    Evaluation of CY-SHIELD According to Lubricity Test

    CY-Shield (Bitlube) | Khavaran Paraffin

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